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"We absolutely loved working with Van Dusen Exteriors, from our first call all the way through the end of the job, everything was outstanding. They were on time for every appointment and the crew showed up each morning like clockwork. The estimates were easily understood, and different products were explained thoroughly. They worked with us as we made our final decisions on products and colors. Cheyenne in the office has been nothing short of fantastic. She is very responsive, even going above and beyond at times. We were hoping to see an example of a house with the siding color we chose, and while Van Dusen had never done job in our color that she could send us to, she went a step further by going to the supplier, who then found 3 addresses for us to go look at. As far as the crew goes, Zack's team was All Star caliber. It was a pleasure to watch them work. Not only do they have great experience and talent, but they also exhibited right in front of my eyes a desire to take extra little steps along the way. It was also nice to see the crew interact with each other, as each of the more seasoned guys seemed to be paired up with an "apprentice" on the ground, not only giving them direction, but helping them learn along the way. During the entire process, debris was constantly being removed from the grounds, all landscaping and windows were properly protected, and of course, all safety equipment was being utilized. Most importantly, they refused to do any roofing work when there was even the threat of rain. Several other houses in our neighborhood were also having roofs replaced the same week, and there were a few downpours that fell on their plywood exposes roofs, but not at our house!!! We cannot recommend Van Dusen Exteriors enough. As we have future exterior home repair/renovation needs, we'll surely be calling them first!!!"
-Chris S. Summer 2017

"I did a great deal of research into the windows I wanted, as well as all the installers in the area, as both factors are crucial. I was also in the market for minor roof repair work. Everyone I dealt with at Van Dusen's, including the office staff, was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I used them for both the windows and roof repair. Wayne went out of his way to locate a dealer that carried the specific brand of window I wanted. The installers were on time and very easy to work with. The premises and work area was left clean. Van Dusen's prices were fair and the quality of the work was outstanding. There is a reason why they are so highly regarded by Angie's List reviews, and I am happy to add that reputation. Highly recommended."
-Brian H. Winter 2017

"I wholeheartedly recommend Vandusen for roofing jobs! The job went perfectly. The Vandusen contractors showed up exactly when they said they would and completed the entire job within 48 hours (it would’ve been finished within 24 hours had a major snowstorm not interrupted the work). I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the work crew (especially when the temperatures dipped into the teens). I also noticed that someone at the Vandusen office ALWAYS answered the phone when I called with a question (that almost never happens with most contractors). I’ll definitely call them again when I need help with exterior projects!"
-Peter M. Winter 2017

"all roofs were completed in 2 days by a really large well organized crew with a manager always present during the process. Since the bottom edge on the roof is 32’ off the ground and the peak at least 10’ above that I wasn’t going up to observe. The crew manager took cell phone pictures off all the before and after results and how they handled any issues that came up and constantly showed them to us while they were working and kept us in the decision making loop. I am a retired purchasing agent and this was the first time a saw a good business use of a smart phone camera. It made us confident that all problems were indentifed and fixed. Very satisfied."
-Mike T. Winter 2017

"VanDusen delivered everything they had promised and more. Despite some weather concerns, the VanDusen crew, led by Zach, arrived on the date and time promised. They worked all day and completed everything as agreed within one work day. When they were finished, Zach gave me an inspection tour of the job, complete with photos of the insulation and some damage they had found in the plywood underlayment. Everything was cleaned up and the large work crew left as quickly as they had arrived. A few days later, we received a "thank-you" gift of delicious home-baked goodies from Eric and Shannon - what a wonderful old-fashioned gesture of appreciation for business given. Overall, we were very impressed with VanDusen Exteriors in every way. They made us feel as though our business was important to them; and that's not something that happens often enough today."
-Bonnie C. Winter 2016

"From the time we had measurements taken until the work was finished, we were very impressed with everyone that we dealt with before and during the installation of our windows. This is a professional group of people who show concern for their customer. Thank you, VanDusen Exterior folks for a wonderful job."
-Nancy P. Winter 2016

"Van Dusen is fantastic. They communicated everything with me in a timely manner. Their prices were better than other providers, and their workers are very polite and friendly. They even threw in an extra screen for a window of mine that they weren't replacing! I plan on replacing more of my windows next year, and I will definitely be hiring Van Dusen again."
-Janice H. Fall 2016

"Very prompt, professional crew, very efficient. They took care to protect the landscaping, and communicated with us through out the entire process. A great experience!"
-Robert C. Fall 2016

"This is the second time I have called on Van Dusen. A detailed estimate and contract was submitted in timely manner, and I was kept informed about when the work would be performed. The price was very reasonable. The crew were competent, friendly and informative, very quiet, protected the grounds and vegetation, and did a thorough cleanup. I hardly knew they were here, except that the finished roof looks amazing! It was scraped, caulked, sealed, painted and top-coated, all within the space of two short days' work. I would recommend Van Dusen Exteriors highly to anyone."
-Diana B. Fall 2016

"Our neighbor recommend Vandusen Exteriors to us and I am so happy that she did. Everyone was so professional from the start. We received an estimate the day after Wayne came out to take a look at the job. He gave us examples of the different types of decking that I had asked about along with the pricing. Everyone in the office was a delight to work with. The job was started and completed on time by a crew that was professional and hard working. They even worked in the rain! We wouldn't hesitate to hire them again."
-Kathy B. Summer 2016

"Large crew arrived on time. They worked two 10-12 hour days. Site clean-up was outstanding. Crew was hard-working, courteous and responsive to our requests. We will not hesitate to call them for our future repair needs. Job cost what estimate stated."
-Marie M. Summer 2016

"Working with Eric, Shannon, Cheyenne, and their awesome crew was a truly fabulous experience. We have never before or since met such a thoughtful and professional outfit. I'm sure we drove Eric a bit crazy because we took FOREVER to make our final decisions and commitment to the work. Eric and everyone remained extremely professional and courteous. Eric dropped off samples for our review more than once, and answered every question without hesitation. He worked hard to save us money on this large project and kept us informed about anticipated cost increases from the materials supplier. He worked with us on meeting deadlines to avoid those increases when possible.
Now the crew...what can we say?! They also were awesome. Showed up on time and worked extremely hard and professionally. They started on a blisteringly hot July day and worked like crazy to get the tear-off done and the house sealed up before quitting for the night. They were very professional. Remarkably, they managed to do all this work in less than 2 weeks. I have
never seen such a hard-working bunch of guys. Foreman Zach kept us informed all the way about what was going on. When it came time to remount our porch lights, he suggested that I might want to pick up some new lights because ours were showing some wear. I did so and the crew installed the new ones. Zach could have just had the crew re-install the old ones and I wouldn’t have been the wiser. I loved that he gave me the opportunity to have new lights installed. And, when we signed the initial contract, we forgot about the need to have the garage surround re-parged but Zach was able to work some of that in for us at the last minute. Paul, the carpenter, was wonderful - he had a system so that as he was installing one window, the crew was removing another so he could easily move on to that when he was finished with the first. Unfortunately, one of the doors arrived from the supplier damaged so we had to wait for it’s replacement to come (custom color) which took a bit but one day we arrived home and there was the correct door completely installed!!
We had some very hot and some very rainy days during the work period but the Van Dusen crew never stopped and never complained. And, we never ever heard one single profanity from anyone on Eric’s crew.  Eric and Shannon have built a professional and wonderful crew and business. Turns out my sister and brother-in-law (Capenos) also had Van Dusen Exteriors do their roof last year and had a similar wonderful experience! Kudos to everyone at Van Dusen for a great experience!! We only wish every contractor of every sort were half as professional as this outfit!!"
 -Kris W. Summer 2015

"Everything went on schedule from the initial estimate to job completion.  The work was completed in one day with some follow up the next morning.  This included removing the roofing on the flat portion and installing the new EPDM roof as well as the shingle portion of the house.  It included removing and reinstalling a large retractable awning.  All of the vent pipes had new collars installed and they did an excellent job of flashing the existing chimney.  Looks 100% better now.  They kept us informed throughout the job and suggested several excellent changes/improvements.  The installation team headed by Zack were very professional and knowledgeable and were always working.  They cleaned and removed all of the debris including using a magnetic roller to pick up any loose nails.  I definitely recommend Eric and his team."
-Charlotte A. Spring 2015

"VanDusen Exteriors promptly responded to a request to access some water damage we found on our Raised Ranch home built in the 70's.  Upon inspection with Eric VanDusen, he noted that the home, like many others in my neighborhood was built without a rear soffit (along with some issues with the vinyl siding that was added sometime in the past), which caused the water damage to the rear of the house.  We have Eric along with others quote the project, to which he went above and beyond and provided quotes for different methods of solving the issue at hand.  Additionally VanDusen Exteriors was the most professional and provided the best cost of the 4-5 contractors who viewed the project. The project included the replacement of the Roof with architectural shingles, addition of ventilated rear soffit across the entire rear of the house and garage, wall repair from water damage, and replacement an old non-insulated door to a steel insulated door within the garage.  Due to how busy they were the project was scheduled 2+ months in advance.  On the work day, a fleet of vehicles arrived on time, with a large work crew.  Eric went over the timeline for the work to be completed, along with introducing his project leader for the job. A lot of effort was put into protecting the sides and landscaping of the house while the old roof was removed.  The entire team was very friendly and didn't seem to mind me watching a lot of the work being done, also stopping to explain the areas repaired from the water damage.  I was very impressed at how efficient the team worked to complete all of the work listed above in 1 work day (roughly 8am - 5/6pm).  The entire area was left clear of debris and a partial stack of shingles was left in case we ever need to do a repair.  This work led to no water issues this past Winter and the Spring melt, and everything stil looks great.  We look forward to working with VanDusen Exteriors again in the future."
-Matt M. Spring 2015

"A great experience. Requested a few estimates in the fall and Van Dusen were the only ones who actually sat down with us (Dan) and explained everything. One company never even returned my email, rather just mailed me a satellite picture of my roof with a much higher estimate for the same product I received from Van Dusen. Later we inquired about a new sliding door and Eric came right over and talked about our options and set it up for install the same day as the roof. The foreman, Zach and the crew were great. Thank you Eric, Shannon and the Van Dusen crew!"
-Kerri H. Spring 2015

"Van Dusen replaced half of our roof. This included removing several layers of old shingles and the installation on state-of-the-art shingles with a transferrable warranty. We have a large, old Victorian house with a an extremely steep roof.My wife and I are first-time homeowners, so we were extremely green and cautious about selecting a roofing company. We received six estimates and Van Dusen was the cheapest. The second lowest bidder admitted that Van Dusen would do a great job in less time than he could. I had to wait several months, because Van Dusen was booked until late October. During that waiting period we had a leak coming into our kitchen from the torch-down roof above it. Van Dusen sent someone to patch up the leaky area so that it would hold up until the full repair. The patch up did the job. Van Dusen is obviously an efficiently run family operation. They were here promptly on the morning of the job with a large crew (well over 20 guys). They told us the job would be done in one or two days. I was originally skeptical given the size and slope of the roof, but sure enough, by the end of the second day they were finished: All of the old shingles were removed and taken away, the new ones were installed, the torch down was repaired with a greater slope to prevent leaking and the chimney was repointed, and the yard was entirely cleaned up--you couldn't even tell they had been there. The roof looks great and so far we haven't had any problems. Furthermore, the team was friendly, likable and easy to work with. The foreman struck the right balance between asking us questions on important matters without overburdening us with questions. To sum up, Van Dusen is affordable, efficient, friendly and they do quality work. They are clearly the best choice for a roofing company in the area--even their competitors think so! We will certainly use them again when we replace the other half of our roof in the (hopefully not too near) future. "

-Richard B. Winter 2015

It could not have gone any better. We had three estimates for the roof and Vandusen was the only one that was honest and told me we had another 2 to 4 years out of our roof. He was very honest and said he would love to take my money, but the roof may not look pretty, but it was sound. 
-Lori W. Winter 2015

 " What really stood out to us and something you just don't see much any more is the pride in workmanship that the individuals in this company displayed.  To top it all off, a few days after the project had been completed we received a basket of baked goods from Shannon with a personalized thank you.  There aren't enough wonderful things to be said about VanDusen Exteriors.  We fully intend to use them again in the future." 
                                                                                                              -Lisa B. Fall 2013

 "This is one great company. Just like the other review, the day of the install, greeted by Eric and introduced to Zach, while talking to Eric and Zach his crew was busy covering up the house so it wouldn't be damaged by the tear off, everyone knew his job and did it like it was their house. There was two roofs on the house, they had it stripped in two hours and ready to install the new roof. They moved right along. When they finished the job the yard was cleaner than when they started, they had men on their hands and knees picking up pieces of shingles and nails. The only regret I have is not being able to thank the whole crew. This is one company that really cares about how the do the job and they follow up with you after the job."
                                                                                                            -John C. Fall 2013

 "I have been a landlord for about 30 years and have had many experiences with various contractors. Have I got the guy for you.... Very knowledgeable, dependable, reasonably priced. We just had our roof replaced and hired them for other income properties we own, too. They show up as soon as it's light out and don't leave until it's dark!!! They totally cleaned up and they even put big pieces of plywood up to cover our picture windows and protect our landscaping when they were tearing down the old roof. They removed my garden globes while they were working and then put them back! Here's the kicker - a thank you note and gift basket upon completion. Yummy muffins, cookies and home baked bread. Can you believe it?"

-Joanne L. Spring 2011

 "Honest, professional company. Got our job done quickly. Would highly recommend them!" 
-Robert S. Spring 2011

 "I think he is an exceptional person, he is on time, very courteous, very professional and gives great advice. He is very honest. It is a refreshing experience to work with him!" 
-Dianne M. Summer 2010

 "Within one hour of requesting an estimate the owner, Eric, was at my house. A written estimate was received and the work was completed in one afternoon, the day after I initially met with Eric. I was extremely pleased with every aspect of the experience."
-William H.  Summer 2009

"We are so pleased with VanDusen. Of the four roofers that we received estimates for, they were the only ones to actually get up on the roof. They gave us a quote and that is exactly what we paid; no surprises. They arrived when they said they would. There was good communication. The crew was professional and courteous and they worked very hard from morning until evening. They were here for two days and at the end of each day, the area was spotless. You wouldn't even know we were having construction work done. I can't say enough about VanDusen. Great job overall. Absolutely no negatives"

-Rebecca L.  Spring 2014

"We're talking top of the line all the way across. Professionalism and quality of work make them good. Quality of work is the biggest one. The price is extremely reasonable. I have recommended them to everybody."

-Betty D.  Spring 2014

"This was, by far, the best experience my wife and I have ever had with a contractor.  Eric came out, spent a great deal of time doing the estimate, going over every detail.  Explained why things had to de done in a certain way.  We decided to go with VanDusen and had the date scheduled.  They had to start one day late because of terrible weather and still finished on time.  The crew did an incredible job, they were all business, no messing around.  Cleaned up really well each evening when they got done and especially well when they finished the job.  Needed one minor adjustment to a gutter after the job was finished, e-mailed them and Zack, the foreman came right out and took care of the problem immediately.  There aren't enough superlatives to describe the work VanDusen did for us.  We have a couple more projects planned for the future, and VanDusen will be the first people we call.  Thank you Eric, Shannon and Zack and crew--GREAT job!"

-Rodney F.  Summer 2014

 "After soliciting 10 estimates for my home/shed roof replacement and chimney repair, I chose VanDusen Exteriors. From the estimate process on through to the end of the job, the owner Eric, his wife Shannon, crew foreman Zak, and crew were very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. They explained exactly what they would be doing and took the time to fully detail anything I had questions about. The team converged on my home in the early morning and persevered through 5 different small stretches of rain to get my home roof finished in one work day. They came back the next morning and finished both the shed roof and chimney work. Throughout the first day there were a few things discovered and a couple I wanted them to address myself and they took care of all willingly. The whole crew worked well together, and left me feeling both happy and confident in my new roof. A week or so after the job was done; the owner’s wife Shannon dropped by and placed a thank you basket of goodies on my doorstep as a thank you for my business. This was completely unnecessary, but a wonderful gesture I am grateful for, for sure! I would not hesitate to hire VanDusen Exteriors for any project I have in the future. These guys get the job done, done well, and done right !"

-Chris K.  Summer 2014